PROJECTS & AWARDS - selected



  • ‘Lockdown Baby’ - Video installation with poetry, voice, and dance: ​Opening and exhibition, June 27 2021​. Artists: ​Nicole Jordan​ (Creator, director, producer, writer, singer); ​Jozefien Debaillie​ ​(Dancer); ​Karin Timmermans​ ​(Soprano & Dancer), ​Katarina Jazbec ​(Film Artist) for ​TENT, Kunstinstituut Melly​, Rotterdam, NL
  • ‘In Vocation’ ​- Music, poetry and storytelling production: ​Premiere & tour ​2016. Artists: Nicole Jordan (Creator, director, producer, writer, vocalist, poet, storyteller), ​Udo Demandt (Percussionist)​ ​and ​Israel Golani​ (Lutenist). Performances at ​Weekend van de Romantische Muziek​, Rotterdam, NL, and at ​De Keukenhof,​ ​Lisse, NL, and tour of in Nova Scotia, CAN.
  • ‘Oya: Goddess of the Wind’​ - Storytelling, spoken word poetry, and music production:​ Premiere & tour 2015. Artists: Nicole Jordan (Creator, director, writer, poet, and vocalist), & various musicians. Performances in The Hague, NL, Rotterdam, NL, and Nassau, BS
  • ‘Mariposa Hermosa’ ​(Beautiful Butterfly) - Storytelling and music production. ​​Premiere 2015: Artists: Nicole Jordan (Creator, director, writer, and vocalist) with ​Arturo Ramon ​and Arnold Balde for Flamenco Festival,​ Rotterdam, NL
  • ‘Solstice’ ​- Storytelling and solo and choral music production​: Premiere and Tour ​2012: Artists: ​Nicole Jordan (Creator, director, producer, storyteller, vocalist) with ​Udo Demandt​ ​and ​Arturo Ramon​.​ Performances in The Hague, Rotterdam, Nova Scotia, CAN with ​Halifax Camerata Singers,​ ​and New Brunswick, CAN with ​Choeur Louisbourg​.
  • ‘Snow Queen’​ -​ Contemporary dance, music, and storytelling production. ​Premiere and tour ​2011 - 2017. Artists: Nicole Jordan (Creator, director, writer, producer, storyteller and vocalist), with ​Jozefien Debaillie​, ​Riccardo Sbrighi​,​ & ​Elena Sgarbi​ (Dancers) and ​Annemieke IJzermann​ (Harpist), NL. Performances at various locations throughout NL
  • ‘Sjah’ ​- Arabic music and contemporary dance production. ​Premiere​ 2010. Artists: Nicole Jordan (Creator, director, writer, producer, storyteller and vocalist) with dancers ​Michael Sastrowitomo​, Djurre Brouwers, Ermo Dako for ​Korzo Contemporary Dance Theatre​, ​The Hague, NL
  • ‘Sweet Solitude’​ ​- Modern music, poetry, and contemporary dance production.​ Premiere and tour 2009. Artists: Nicole Jordan (Creator, director, writer, producer, and vocalist). Performed in 2009 at ​Het Nutshuis​, The Hague, and in 2011 at ​Korzo Contemporary Dance Theatre​,​ The Hague, NL




  • ‘Ballades’ - Music and contemporary dance production and tour: ​Premiere and Tour ​March 2021​. Artists: Nicole Jordan (Collaborator and vocalist), ​Neel van Doorn Productions​ (Dancers), ​Doelen Ensemble​ & ​Maarten van Veen​ (musicians) for ​De Doelen​,​ Rotterdam, NL.
  • Europe where have you displaced love​?​ ​- Voice and poetry film installation. ​Exhibition ​October 2020 - Feb 2021. Artists​: ​Nicole Jordan (Collaborator, improvising vocalist), ​Katarina Zdjelar​ (Film director) for ​‘Voice Over’ exhibition.​Curator:​MaayanSheleff​,B​ onnefantenMuseum​,Maastricht,NL
  • ‘Ship of Fools’: ​‘The Whole World is Turning’ exhibition​,​ poetry, voice, multi-screen video installation. Opening and exhibition ​July 2020 - Sept 2020. Artists: Nicole Jordan (Collaborator, vocalist), ​Ada M. Patterson​ ​(Video artists and creator) for ​TENT, FKA Witte de Wit Centre for Art​,​ Rotterdam, NL
  • ‘Orakel’ - One-woman theatre, dance, and experimental vocal production. ​Premiere​ 2012. Artist: Nicole Jordan (Creator, writer, dancer and vocalist), for ‘Solos at the Sea’ Festival, ​De Dutch Don’t Dance Division,​ Scheveningen, NL. Also performed at ​Weekend van de Romantische Muziek​,​ Rotterdam, NL
  • Europe where have you displaced love​? ​- Voice and poetry film installation: ​Opening and exhibition April 2019 - June 2019. Artists: Nicole Jordan (Collaborator & improvising vocalist), ​Katarina Zdjelar​ ​(Film director), ​Nadia Bekkers​ ​(Rapper, MC) and​ ​Nina Hitz ​(Cellist) ​for ‘Post Opera: Installing the Voice’, ​Operadgen Rotterdam exhibition, at ​TENT, Kunstinstituut Melly​, Rotterdam, NL
  • ‘Bianca e Fernando’, by composer V. Bellini - Opera performance:​ Premiere and tour​ 2017: Nicole Jordan (Assistant Director), ​Peter George d’Angelino Tap​ (Director), cast of ​Opera St Moritz,​ CH. Performances in St. Moritz and Interlakken, CH
  • ​‘A Bend in the Bough’​ - Live “food art”, film, and music production:​ Opening ​2017​. Artists: Nicole Jordan (Collaborator, vocalist) & ​Shraddha Borowake​ (Video artist) for ​Piet Zwart Instituut​, Rotterdam, NL
  • 'The Time is Now: A night of Rumi​' - Poetry and music production:​ Premiere​ 2012. Artists: ​Nicole Jordan (Co-creator, musician, vocalist, storyteller) and ​Ashley Ramsden​ ​(actor/storyteller), Het National Theatre,​ ​The Hague, NL



  • 2021: Lockdown Baby: Makersloket Fund from Droom en Daad, Rotterdam, NL
  • 2020: Lockdown Baby: Balcony Scenes Fund (Balkonscenes)​ ​from ​Performing Arts Fund (FPK)​, NL.
  • 2020:​ Dr. Jordan Institute: ​Balcony Scenes Fund (Balkonscenes)​ ​from ​Performing Arts Fund (FPK)​, NL.
  • 2020​: Dr. Jordan Institute: ​Culture Makers Fund (Cultuurmakersfonds)​, ​Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds​, NL.
  • 2019:​ ​Dr. Jordan Institute, Spotlight Artist, 2019​, ​World Music Forum​, Amsterdam, NL
  • 2018:​ ‘Codarts Speaks’ Spoken Word in the Conservatoire: Awarded Innovation Fund, ​Codarts University of the Arts​, Rotterdam, NL
  • 2011: ​Snow Queen: Production development funding from ​Fonds 1818​, The Hague, NL
  • 2011: ​Snow Queen: Production development funding from ​NormaFonds​, Amsterdam, NL