Dr. Nicole Jordan is an artist of the world: A Canadian born in Trinidad and Tobago, educated in England, she is a vocalist, writer, academic, and musician now based between Nova Scotia, Canada and Rotterdam in The Netherlands. Trained as a classical singer, she has performed internationally in opera singer and chamber music and has created and performed many new music and theatre productions. She has recorded several albums, most recently, the acclaimed Jab Jab with hew own The Dr. Jordan Institute (2019) which blends Afro-Caribbean, classical, and electronic music. Selected as a Spotlight Artist by the Dutch Performing Arts society, Nicole’s creative work often calls upon her Caribbean heritage and spirituality placed in contrast with her experiences of life in Canada and Europe. Her first book of poetry, '89' (2018) speakes to her diverse expriences and in 2017 she performed her one-woman show, Goddess of the Wind for the Nassau Music Society about her encounters with the Orisha religion. A versatile vocalist, Nicole explores the boundaries of her instrument with techniques ranging from coloratura soprano to spoken word. She has been called a ‘singer-scholar’ and holds a PhD in Music Psychology/Performance Studies from the University of Sheffield, UK. Along with performing and recording, she spends her time as an academic advisor and supervisor at the Codarts Conservatory of Music and the Royal Conservatory of Music in The Netherlands.